Thank you for visiting Lamp Post Reports. From the inception of this blog in the spring of 2008, through spring of 2010, I reported from, and focused solely on, Ethiopia. Now that I am back in the U. States – Raleigh, NC to be exact – I will simply share my observations on life, economy, and opportunity without any specific geographic focus. I am currently an analyst for Cherokee Investment Partners, but the thoughts and opinions expressed in this blog represent only my personal point of view.

As I am sure has become apparent to many readers,  I have a particular passion for moringa. Moringa will continue to garner quite a bit of the spotlight because its many applications have the potential to greatly enhance life, economy, and opportunity throughout the world.

I have a keen interest in the intersection and correlation of faith, social and environmental stewardship, innovation, entrepreneurship, business development and design.


JT Vaughn


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello JT,
    Stumbled upon your blog whilst planning a trip to northern Ethiopia – we are in Uganda. You write up on Lalibella is very appealing and we hope to got to there as well as Gonder and Simiens. A friend at Save the Children in Addis had already mentioned Tukul Village. Where did you stay the last time in Gonder – of Tukul standard?

    Any info I can repay you with? I run a charitable health NGO with my wife but also work on US Government HIV/AIDS programmes. Prior to this, I briefly did agricultural warehouse receipts which seems to match your environment interests

    Take care,


    1. Hey Philip,

      Unfortunately, I have not yet made it to Gonder, but my co-worker is
      heading up there this weekend so I may have some recommendations after
      she returns on Monday. When are you leaving? If you have time, you
      should also stop in Bahir Dar, I hear (though I’ve not been there
      either) it’s a great little city and it’s on the shores of Lake Tana –
      the headwaters of the Nile.

      I’d love to hear more about the work you did in agriculture warehouse
      receipts. What organization was it with, and was that also located in
      Uganda? What is the agriculture situation like in Uganda – is there a
      commodity exchange? Most important crops? Eco-agricultural practices
      in Uganda? How exactly were you involved in the project and do you
      know of opportunities in the agricultural field for carbon or methane
      offset investing? (You don’t have to answer all of these, but if you
      can answer some or any of them or provide further resources, it would
      be much appreciated).


  2. philip,

    I realy enjoyed reading your blog. I am from southern ethiopia and particularly from Shekacho ethnic group of south western ethiopia. I live in the UK and I was hoping to go back home and start business. my background is on Agriculture, envronment an public health suct as sanitation. Now after reading your comments I am begining to re-think or revise my thoughts. Thanks for this good job. Please do not forget to visit Masha, sheka zone.

    hear you soon


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