How to decrease email time and increase creative time?

How to decrease email time and increase creative time?

Google just sent my monthly email summary. In the past month, on only my work email account, I sent 1,000 emails and received 1,819 emails. I’m sure plenty of people send and receive many times more emails than this. But, I would like to opine for a second on how much time ’emailing’ consumes. Query: how to decrease this time sink and afford more time for creativity?

If, on average, I spend 5 minutes on each email I send and 3 minutes on each email I receive, in aggregate I spent about 174 hours ’emailing’ the past four weeks.

I do not know if my 5 and 3 minute estimates are accurate, but if they are, that’s a frightening amount of time emailing. If you call a working day 10 hours (which I do not, but let’s say 10 hours for the sake of it), then I spent more than 17 days out of the last 28 strictly emailing! If I work 6-days/week and 10 hrs/day (I usually work many more, but that’s besides the point), then I emailed 17/24, or 70% of the time. Yikes.

There must be a better way to communicate.

And, if I spend this much time emailing, I’m not leaving a lot of time for creativity and invention (much less time to educate myself on various topics of interest) — some of the really important to-dos.

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Share and Compare: February 2013 Electric Bill: 50% decrease year on year

A year on year comparison shows a 50% decrease (633 kWh in February 2013 versus 1286 kWh in February 2012) in electricity consumption. Unfortunately, I experienced a month-to-month increase of 27%. This was likely due to the average temperature being 3 degrees colder and to keeping the house generally warmer (just got married, so we’re actually here some and prefer not to totally freeze!).