Share and Compare: December Electric Bill

A year on year comparison shows a whopping 49% decrease in electricity consumption (931 kWh in 2011 versus 471 kWh in 2012). Interestingly, the average temperature for the same billing period last year was 54 degrees, compared with a colder 49 degrees this year. So, even though it was 5 degrees colder this year, I still managed to cut my electric consumption by 49% — thanks mainly to a new 15 SEER Rheem HVAC and a Nest thermostat, which were installed in late April.

According to the US Energy Information Administration, the 2011 average monthly residential electric consumption in North Carolina totaled 1,151 kWh at an average cost of $118.09. In 2012, my average monthly electric consumption was 658 kWh (43% less than the state average) at a cost of $71.09 (40% less than the state average). Keep in mind, I was able to take advantage of the efficiency of the new Rheem HVAC and Nest thermostat for only eight months of the year (as they were both installed in late April).