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Share and Compare: October Electric Bill

Share and compare and we’ll all learn best practices, save money and decrease waste.

By the way, for those of you who are curious, I live in an 1100 square foot house that was built in 1988 but which I remodeled in 2010, after buying it through an auction (it was a foreclosure). Some upgrades included: insulated windows and doors, insulation in the crawl space and attic, a Rheem 15 SEER HVAC (installed in April 2012), high efficiency (.8 gpf) toilets by Niagara Conservation, low flow shower heads and faucets also by Niagara Conservation, a TED energy monitoring device and a Nest thermostat.

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Utility Bills: Share and Compare

Anyone else interested in sharing your electric bills? I may add some analysis too, but wanted to upload the raw data in the meantime. If we could all easily share and compare utility bills, I think we would all save a lot.

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