Believe it or not, foosball is huge here. While the people have very little, you still see numerous ancient, but very much in use, foosball tables. As I was getting off at the bus stop the other evening I managed to finally get in a game with the locals under a bridge. The boys of 401 Pritch Ave (where I lived in Chapel Hill for those of you wondering) have been known to play a little foosball, so I was excited to see how I measured up.

To their surprise, I crammed the first goal in from my ‘five guys’ and thought I had overestimated the competition (they really appeared to have quick hands, and the table was by far the fastest I’ve played…the rods were spring loaded so you could bounce your guys back and forth faster). As it turned out however, I had by no means overestimated the competition. The guy I was playing proceeded to score six unanswered and it became apparent I had lost my place at the table.

I think the locals got a kick out of a ‘ferenge’ (white person) getting into a little foosball. I will keep you posted on my progress.


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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